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  • Micro Screw Manufacturer - Hindustan Fastener
  • Micro Screw Manufacturer - Hindustan Fastener
  • Micro Screw Manufacturer - Hindustan Fastener

About Us

Hindustan Fastener

We are leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of ferrous & non ferrous Metal components.

Our experience of over the past 25 years helps us in serving high quality Fastener Manufacturer and Brass Turned components. We are leading manufacturer of Micro Screw Manufacturer in India, Pencil Sharpener Screw and Electrical Earthing Accessories.

We Hindustan Fastener has a wide range of products including Micro Screw Manufacturer, Brass Turned Components, Rivet, Pencil Sharpener Screw and Electrical Earthing Accessories.

We are committed to execute customers needs in terms of miscellaneous arrangements. We are known in Jamnagar fraternity for our focus on quality, timely deliveries and professionalism in our all over work.

Hindustan Fastener

What’s Makes us special


Our strength is in MS Screw, Brass Drop in Anchors Brass Cable Glands, Brass Casting, Hex Nuts, Lock Nuts, Brass Screws, Machine Screws.

Our Infrastructure

We are empowered with a sound and sophisticated infrastructure coupled with cutting edge technology.

Our Excellence

Quality is our prime concern. We are able to maintain high quality standards through our committed personnel.

Cost Effective Price

We are direct manufacturer located in Brass City, we can provide you products at very cost effective rates and of best quality.

Focus on Customer

This involves the product its functionality, commercial viability and even the means by which the information about a product is received by a client.

Trusted Company

Be the subject matter experts in our core competencies Look out for their best interests Keep their confidences.Working with us will very fulfilling experience.

Why choose Us?

Hindustan Fastener

Hindustan Fastener has successfully completed decades of contributing all its venerated customers by manufacturing the right for the quality control products.

Our wide product range is highly appreciated and acclaimed in both national and international market.

We maintain it by time-bound schedule with the sole aim to seek maximum support and ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to providing our clients - The highest quality products, excellent customer service, cost-effective pricing and on-time delivery.

Utmost care is taken at every stage to deliver our clients high quality products.

Hindustan Fastener is the leading Micro Screw Manufacturer in India.

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