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JIS standard

JIS standard

Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS) specifies the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. The standardization process is coordinated by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) and published through the Japanese Standards Association (JSA). Japanese Industrial Standards Committee is composed of many nationwide committees and plays vital role in standardizing activities in Japan.

JIS bolts are a type of metric bolt as opposed to the U.S. standard. JIS bolts reflect the philosophies of design and manufacture many Japanese industries have become world renowned for. With things getting smaller, so too do fastening standards need to facilitate smaller parts.

The difference between JIS bolts and other metric bolts is the head size. Lighter, more compact designs have necessitated the use of lighter, more compact fastening accessories. Basically, ISO (International Standardization Organization) and ANSI (American National Standard) bolt standards use bigger heads than JIS types.

  Products with JIS Specification:

Bolts & Cap Screws by JIS Specification – Hex bolts and hex cap screws feature a large fastener head for distributing clamping load. These fasteners are used at high tensions and temperatures. Cap screws have a washer face underneath the head and are used in precise applications.

Nuts by JIS Specification – Nuts, or mating fasteners, are available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes for any project or application. Varieties are normally hexagonal or square in shape, and have either coarse or fine internal threads that correspond to those of a mating bolt or screw.

Screws by JIS Specification – Screws are one of the most versatile, useful types of fasteners, and are available in multiple sizes and styles. In different countries, and in different industries, there is some confusion in the distinction between screws and bolts. Some definitions of screws include the requirement that they be fully threaded, and these may also often be called Bolts.